Publicerat – ”The Dyophysite Nature of the Internet: Negotiating Authorities within Institutionalized Christianity”

Artikeln handlar om internets dubbelhet – det vill säga att nätet inte bara bidrar till demokratisering och att det underminerar etablerade maktstrukturer, utan att det också kan vara ett medel för ökad kontroll och skapandet av nya hierarkier. I artikeln undersöker jag hur detta tar sig uttryck i några olika kyrkorelaterade fall.

Abstract: Is the internet a means for individual empowerment and collective upheaval against oppressive powers, or is it a tool to monitor and control people in the hands of authoritarian rulers? This article addresses the “dyophysite” or what can be called the double nature of internet. That is a dualism that goes back to the origin of internet with its roots simultaneously in American West coast counterculture and the cold war militarism of the 1960s. Within the Christian community, this dualism plays out as the internet is viewed in a paradoxical matter. Even as cyberspace equips evangelicals to connect with other believers, it can introduce Christians to pagan ideas, tempting misbehavior and destructive communities.

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